We just recently went for a hike in Henry Cowell State Park on February 5th 2018, just outside of Santa Cruz, CA to visit the Big Ben tree.  It is wonderfully beautiful, so we just had to go pay a visit while we were out there. There are many ways to access Big Ben via a labyrinth of trails, but Redwoods Reborn – Fall Creek is a 7.8 mile loop and is accessible year-round. It is easily accessible via Empire Grade Road.

Trailhead is at coordinates: 37.07016 x -122.12444

The trailhead is marked and easily accessible, with pull-off-to-the-side parking on Empire Grade Road, you’ll have to find a spot and walk to approach the trailhead. As you pass down the trail you are dwarfed by Redwood, Oak, and Eucalyptus trees all around you. It is a beautiful sight, and relatively quiet as well. We encountered a few others on our hike, including a trail runner, and a young woman with her dog (p.s. No dogs are technically allowed on the trail), here are some pics that we snapped heading down the trail.

redwood forest vertigo

Pointing the camera upwards along Redwoods Reborn Trail

redwood tree trunk shelter

We encountered this redwood tree trunk makeshift shelter along the trail.

It is only about a 1.5 mile hike, about 20 minutes in before reaching Big Ben Tree. It is huge! you can’t stretch 4 people’s arms around it. Wonderful beautiful tree that is definitely worth the drive if you are in the Santa Cruz area.

big ben tree schuler familiy

Big Ben Tree with family

big ben tree

Big Ben Tree

You can smell the fresh oak and moss, along with the redwoods and various low light plant life that blanket the forest floor surrounding the trails. It’s a fresh, clean, refreshing natural aroma that is definitely a worthy Musky Trail. The scents on this trail are best represented by our Big Sur Candle.

See you on the trails.